WHo AM i?

In the country on a small organic farm, I was taught to conserve and respect the earth and appreciate nature’s abundance. Whether offering its serene escape or hard, sweaty work to “get your hands dirty,” this environment is where a lot of my character sprouted. The work ethic I cultivated, I apply to everything I take on in life, most importantly my career in performing. My mother is the most resourceful person I know (likely out of necessity, to utilize all her hoarded farm antiques) I believe I have been blessed to inherit this trait and apply it with creativity and spontaneity to anything I take on. Hello Improv…where have you BEEN all my life?! Oh I get it, you’ve been there alllll along. 

I have been playing entertainer for my family, friends, and stuffed animals since cloth diapers. There were my ever famous sock-puppet shows in cardboard cut-out theaters, cartoon voices and impersonations, hosting a backyard nature show with my dogs as my “camera-men,” or playing dress up with my dad referring to me as “Miss Hollywood”  while asking for my autograph. I had a rather vivid imagination and…I just liked making people feel happy. Being an actress satisfies a yearning for creative and emotional expression like nothing else. I loved it so much, I MARRIED it! and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts for performance while minoring in dance and musical theater. I realized I enjoyed behind the scenes as well and got down with my tech side exploring an emphasis in costume, makeup and wig design.

After graduating I lived in Minneapolis, MN working as an actress in theater, film, commercial work, and voiceover. I took the big leap west (ie: solo cross country voyage with my pontiac vibe smashed full of everything I owned) to Los Angeles, where I have had tremendous opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects with great people of all backgrounds. I believe in the adage that you should never stop improving and learning. The community of people at Impro Studio where I currently study and perform long form narrative improv provides a fulfilling home for this. I’ve also enjoyed continued education classes for on camera work, scene study, and improv as well as voiceover classes with Kalmenson & Kalmenson. I’m currently focusing on being ever more mindful and truly present, FINALLY wrapping my head around and feeling in my body this seemingly simple but somehow out of reach idea: it’s less important what you’re throwing outward, and more effective to just be a good present listener, allow oneself to be vulnerable and affected, and react with emotional honesty…no matter if it’s when I’m working on improv, a voiceover script, comedy, or drama.

I have been caught in the rollercoaster of ups and downs, a blurry mosaic of ifs, almosts, success highs, and let downs of the business, only to have it renew my vigor. My longterm relationship with LA and acting has been glorious. At times rocky… but steadfast. The kind that forces you to see yourself through the mirror of your partner’s eyes, making you do the work to grow and change for the better. Los Angeles is the place I call home, where I seek work with like minded people, and merge preparation with opportunity. Not necessarily to become “Miss Hollywood,” but to make a living doing work with integrity in the career that continues to dazzle me.